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Wanderlust Kindness


Step into a world of ever-changing creativity at Wanderlust Kindness at Ebury Edge, where each passing week reveals a new theme of kindness explored through the lens of talented artists. This incubator gallery transcends traditional exhibitions by embracing a dynamic approach—welcoming fresh perspectives and artworks that breathe life into the transformative space. ​ Week after week, the gallery comes alive with captivating displays, each thoughtfully curated to showcase how kindness takes various forms, as seen through the eyes of seasoned artists like Charlie French, Dot Ng, Marco Toschetti, Stefano Perelli, Mark Andrew Webber, Joe Lichtenstein, Gokcen Yuksek, and Tan Wee Lit. ​ The spectrum of kindness unfolds, capturing acts of compassion, environmental stewardship, and social consciousness, all rendered with artistic finesse. Every artwork becomes a window into the artist's vision of kindness, reflecting the rich tapestry of the human experience. ​ As one week's exhibition gracefully transitions to the next, the gallery transforms into a vibrant space where creativity and empathy converge. Attendees find themselves immersed in a journey through various themes, witnessing how each artist's brushstrokes weave tales of kindness, leaving lasting impressions on their hearts. Wanderlust Kindness at Ebury Edge truly embraces the power of art to spark conversations and inspire positive change. Through the fluidity of its themes, the gallery mirrors the ever-evolving nature of kindness itself—constantly adapting and growing. ​ With each passing week, the incubator gallery becomes a kaleidoscope of emotions, experiences, and visions, showcasing kindness as a universal language that binds humanity together. The dynamic nature of the exhibitions ignites conversations and fosters connections among art enthusiasts, artists, and the wider community. As the artists embark on this voyage of creativity, Wanderlust Kindness at Ebury Edge continues to be a catalyst for a kinder world—one where art thrives, empathy blossoms, and the spirit of humanity flourishes through the lens of kindness. ​

Artistry Ignited

Be mesmerized by the sparks of creativity that lit up the canvas at Wanderlust Kindness at Ebury Edge—a glimpse of artistry at its finest.

dot pic.jpg

Dot Ng

Mixed Media Artist

image0 2.jpeg

Charlie French

Abstract Artist

Joe Lichtenstein picture.jpeg

Joe Lichtenstein

Visual Artist, Animator and Theatre Director


Marco Toschetti



Mark Andrew Webber

Lino Artist



Watercolour Artist


Edward Quigley

Mixed Media artist


Natalie Wagstaffe

Mix Media Artist



Multi Disciplinary Artist


Dr. Elena Samarsky

Abstract Artist



Senior Art Director and Digital Artist




Patrick Warren.png

Patrick Warren

Illustrator, Designer, Comic Artist


Gokcen Yuksek

3D Artist

Jacob Reidy.png

Jacob Reidy

Animator & Experimental Artist


Jack Blackburn

Spectacle of Smiles
Indulge in a spectacle of smiles and laughter, as our event pictures showcase the magical moments that warmed hearts and ignited souls.

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