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Dr. Elena Samarsky

Dr. Elena Samarsky is a self-taught artist who works primarily in the style of expressive abstraction. Her artwork is centered around color, which she uses not only as means of self-expression but also a channel to open a dialog with the viewer. A Ukrainian-born Israeli, Elena has lived and studied in Austria, Germany, the UK and currently resides in the USA. She held solo exhibitions in various European countries and across the USA, and her works can be found in private collections around the globe.



By Tim Tarkelly

What if I gave you a bouquet
every time I thought of you,
or waited for the moon to hang
nice and full, and belted my best aria,
a song about love, its weird way
of looking the same as always
no matter who is involved?

I suppose I could just ask --
what is it that makes you blush,
feel red and warmhearted,
ready to take my hand
and rush out of sight,
some shaded corner
where love can be made
in hurried, but meaningful bursts?

I’ll save the flowers,
use them as most men do,
as an apology
for all the things I said,
even if I’m not quite sure what it was.


14th Feb - 20th Feb

Bouquet v1.png
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