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Gokcen Yuksek

I was born in Turkey, raised in Chester and currently live in London. 
After working as a 3D sculptor over the last 10 years I started oil painting in 2019. It is a nice contrast to digital design, and I found that they both complement each other. ​I still carry on working as a digital sculptor in various industries such as games, production and fashion and paint in my free time. ​I started painting to explore different ways to express ideas and thoughts. I was very much inspired by the pop surreal style and have been exploring with this over the last three years. ​I find painting is really healing and relaxing, it has helped me release and grow and has become an essential part of my life. One of the best parts of it was to be introduced to a world of so many other artists who share the same passion. 


'I guess kindness comes in many ways and while some can be great, I think small acts like even a word or a look can have a ripple effect, and it goes both ways passing on like an endless current.. I feel like you can pass on feelings through paintings or any other forms of art too. And if I can connect to people through the paintings and maybe make a little bit of difference then that makes it so much more worth it.. Communicating and story telling is a big part of why I paint and I think it can be quite powerful, but it's also just really fun and relaxing:) I hope that passes on too..'

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