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Dot Ng

Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Dot Ng is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Singapore. She loves experimenting with different art forms such as watercolours and colour pencils, graphic design, and more recently the art of crochet. Rainbows, playfulness and whimsy are themes central to her work, bubbling from a deep interest in mindfulness, and a curiosity of what goes on in her head.  // @launshae

Ideas of kindness

Kindness begins towards oneself. We first have to be kind to ourselves before we can ever truly be kind to others. As an artist, being kind to the self means taking care of your body and knowing when to rest,  it is allowing yourself to roam freely and explore, it is telling yourself that there is no ugly work, only self expression and experimentation, it is silencing all of one’s internal criticism and yearnings for validation, to be wholly present and to make art that is truly and uniquely you.

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