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Marco is a travel photographer based in London. Growing up in Italy, he developed a fascination with travel and art early on in his life.
Based in London since 2006, he splits his time between his work in finance and his passion for exploring the world and documenting his experiences via the medium of digital photography. From China to Namibia, from Peru to Iran his journeys have been interpreted through the lens of what’s still magical around us, trying to capture the inner beauty of both nature and human societies.
This special exhibition centred around China tells the story of a land which is both ever changing and ever lasting, via glimpses of ancient monuments, wild landscapes and people’s lives.

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"Our World is to be explored, understood, cherished and loved. Its beauty is all around us, calling at us every single day, but we are so often too busy to listen, too focused to pay attention and too stubborn to recognise it. We are lost, and we don’t even know it.

It is only through kindness that we can learn to listen. Kindness to ourselves, to others, to animals and plants and to the space we inhabit. It is only through kindness that we can commune with the world, and in doing so finally find ourselves"

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23rd Jan - 30th Jan

Open days

29/01 & 30/01, 10am to 8pm

25/01 & 28/01, 6pm to 8pm

Private view
23/01 5pm to 8pm

Other dates by appointment


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