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Mark Andrew Webber

Mark Andrew Webber studied graphic design at Reading College, and then Falmouth University, where he discovered his love of visual art. Mark has tried to experiment and follow his passions and interests with the visuals he makes. He seems to enjoy following obsessions and giving into the all-consuming nature of the art when he is making it. The art he makes, for him, is about the journey and the process of experimentation. Mark has a few different series of visual art that preoccupies his thinking time when it comes to his art. 
The most well-received series has been the Linocut city map series. For which he was awarded a silver cube from the Art Directors Club in New York, as well as having been purchased by various collectors, most well known of these is the Typographer designer Erik Spiekermann, who visited his solo show in 2014 and purchased the print of his Berlin Linocut map, for his Berlin Living room. With the map series, Mark was exploring a few different topics of interest and mixed them together to create works of art that might be of interest to people. He enjoyed travel and typography, which lead him to create the series in the first place. Using linocut lead the style, and after making the first few maps, he realised that he could also experiment by making monoprints using experimental methods and trying out different colours. 
The line series is another series that preoccupies his thoughts and is the current one that he is spending his time on. The series comes from the enjoyment of the thought of complexity from simplicity. He started the series back in the mid-2000s, and has been changing it and coming up with ideas for it ever since. In 2019 mark started an A4 sketchbook and spent one year working on a detailed sketchbook of ideas for a new series of paintings. This sketchbook is the genesis of the current paintings that are being made, and from which he is getting commissions after showing people the sketches. 
A few other series also occupy marks thoughts, from a figure line series done mainly using linocut, to Linocut animation series which he calls Linomation. Mark has taken part in a few charity art auctions, most notably one for the MTV:Redefine art auction in Dallas in 2012, as well as having been commissioned to illustrate some poetry books (winning a saboteur award for one of the books as best collaboration with the poet Jaqueline Saphra). Mark has done various commissions, most recently a commission for the glass manufacturer Ritzenhoff, to design a milk glass for them, on which he used his line figure drawing style.


My idea of kindness is being considerate by taking the time to understand peoples intent. Especially with how people can think so vastly different to each other and have such vastly different life experiences and ways of expressing themselves. A bit of kindness and time spent really listening of observing someone to try to help them in any way can be a powerful thing, it can lift peoples spirits when they are in low or dark places, kindness can show people that the world is a great place and bring much hope. I wish there was more kindness with regards to the topic of people that are outwardly seen as Weird I think everyone deserves some kindness in their lives.

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