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Edward Quigley

Edward is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist and photographer that thrives on working across different media and styles.  “I’m naturally drawn towards the control that comes with focusing on detail; working with ink and graphite and in black and white offers simplicity and cleanliness. But as I develop, I’m increasingly finding I want to move towards the chaos of more abstract work that brings unpredictability and the challenge of working in uncontrolled conditions.Like all artists, I suppose, I am hoping that my work connects with some of those that view it." When asked what Edward wants to convey through his work, “honesty” is the immediate response. “I want my work to reflect the questions I ask of myself and of others, or society in general.As an artist, I'm now part of a world I never thought I would be part of, and I still question myself on a daily basis as to whether it's a place where I belong. I think the day I feel settled may be the day the creativity and desire will dry up, so I'll keep going until then."website:

My idea of kindness...

If we are not kind to ourselves, how can we be kind to others? 

I think it is often instinctive to perceive kindness in the context of how we behave towards others. It's unintuitive to think about kindness to ourselves, and how each of us shows kindness to ourselves is very complex and personal.

Generosity is often associated with kindness to others, but for some self-kindness might require the opposite - abstinence - to really be kind to the self. Maybe self-kindness is where we tell ourselves "you're doing your best" rather than "you're not doing enough"?

When we are eager to extend a hand to those in need, out of kindness, I wonder if we're as quick to see our own needs? And if we aren't kind to ourselves, where does the kindness we seek to give to others come from?

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