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Ada Lovelace Day

Lancaster Room, Somerset House, London — Embark on a remarkable journey as The Kindness Studio invites you to an extraordinary event, a tribute to the enduring legacy of Ada Lovelace. A trailblazer in 19th-century mathematics and computer science, Lovelace's influence radiates globally as a guiding star for women in the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), fueled by her profound connection to the arts.

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"The new public sculpture, which can be seen at the 9 Millbank Development in Westminster, is designed to illuminate the achievements of Ada Lovelace, the famed mathematician – and daughter of Lord Byron – whom, in the 1800s, was one of the world’s first and most significant computer programmers. It comprises a naturalistic figure in a light patinated bronze, standing on a plinth engraved with her name, and a backdrop relief also made in bronze inspired by the punch tapes associated with Ada Lovelace. The new piece was commissioned by – and its unveiling has been organised in partnership with – the Berkeley Group.


The historic theme of 9 ​Millbank is of science (the former ICI Headquarters building) and Charles Jagger’s Parade of Portland stone male figures, which sit comfortably with the Renaissance architecture. The statue of Ada Lovelace will act as a continuation of the theme set by Jagger and the facade of 9 Millbank which is dedicated to illustrating the progress made by science.


Tempus Magazine

Championing Change

In a captivating convergence of visionary endeavors, The Kindness Studio harmoniously united with the innovative spirit of St Edward and the scholarly prowess of Warwick University to meticulously curate the Ada Lovelace Day—a celebration that not only pays homage to Ada Lovelace's remarkable legacy but also strives to empower women in STEAM. This collaborative effort transcended boundaries, elevating the commemoration to unprecedented heights, thereby solidifying its place as the pinnacle of Ada Lovelace Day observances.



Led by the visionary Freddie Lichtenstien, a data scientist at CameraForensics—a pioneer in developing cutting-edge computer vision technologies for online child safety—this workshop is your gateway to unveiling the fusion of art and AI.



In this unfolding gathering, intellectual vigor and inspiration reach their zenith in a captivating Q&A session, featuring renowned speakers  Etienne & Mary Millner, Aidan Meller, Elisabeth Rounis, Marya Bazzi, and Elena Kochkina. Insights unfurl from the heart of the Lovelace statue, nestled in the Millbank Quarter. The Q&A serves as a portal, shedding light on its enigmatic allure and intertwining history, art, and progress.



In a dynamic collaboration, Lark Hall Art Club and Kindness Studio joined forces for a captivating life drawing event dedicated to Ada Lovelace. Guided by expert instructors and a remarkable powered robot, participants immersed themselves in Lovelace's essence, resulting in an inspiring celebration of her legacy. This unique partnership united art and history, leaving an indelible mark on all who participated.



Amid a convivial setting, our Networking and Drinks segment facilitated meaningful connections and project inspirations. Refreshments by Fair Shot Cafe, aiding those with learning disabilities in hospitality careers, added a heartwarming touch. An evening that fosters unity, fuels imagination, and plants the seeds for new collaborative endeavors.


“I never had this experience”

Lovely to be with young people who are so aware of computer technology

"Very Interesting and Informative - Excellent!

Meet the Speakers

Pioneering Minds and Inspirational Voices


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