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What is Kindness—How Can a Small Act Change a Life?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We live in a world where we are continuously experiencing the greed, lack of empathy, and indifference of others around us. These traits can often consume us and make us feel that the world is a place that lacks kindness, but when we stop and take a good look around, we find that kindness is an eminence that surrounds us.

Everyone can provide small acts of kindness to loved ones and even strangers. When you become mindful of the ways you can give compassion to other people, you can begin to change lives. Acts of kindness can range from a simple "hello" to helping someone in a crisis. Empathy and compassion are powerful qualities, no matter how big or small the act may feel. So how can you incorporate these traits into your daily life?

Acknowledge others with a smile As humans, we live hectic lives and often get lost in our thoughts. It is easy to forget that we are all playing this game called "life" together and that we are all the same deep down. One way we can brighten someone's day is by giving a simple smile to the strangers we pass on our daily routes. You can never know how much that look of compassion will do for someone; it could make someone's worst day feel a little bit less heavy.

Make Donation Contributions Many of us agree that we have more material items than we need. A huge act of kindness can be donating these items. A simple donation can be life-changing for someone in need. For example, you are cleaning out your closet and find that you have old winter coats and boots. These materials can provide much-needed warmth in the winter for another individual. You can also do a spring cleaning of your cupboards and donate non-perishable items to hungry families. This generosity can help the many suffering from homelessness. You may not be someone who is able to relieve the financial burden on those who live in poverty, but donating is an act of kindness that almost anyone can do.

Be Kind to Yourself Kindness does not only apply to those around you. Self-compassion is a necessary act to provide for yourself as well. Showing ourselves the same benevolence and patience that we show others does wonder for the world. Allowing ourselves to dive deep into self-care and self- love makes us better humans overall. It is important to provide support to yourself first, or you will lack the required skills to show love and support to others.

The Take-Away Kindness is a quality that we all hold inside of us. By sharing this quality with the world, we can create a healthier and safer environment for all humans regardless of their background. This is the motto that the Kindness Studio hopes to share with those looking for a safe community to practice compassion and express themselves through art.

The Kindness Studio The Kindness Studio is a pop-up art studio that originated to combat the terrors of the pandemic. As mentioned in Tempus News, the Kindness Studio has been a safe place for individuals to partake in a community that values the relationship between kindness and art. The Kindness studio offers workshops that welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds. The latest Kindness Studio seminar is featured at Regent Hall Café. This workshop is designed to provide Greyhound stencil art lessons and animal therapy for older individuals experiencing the effects of dementia. The workshop is also open to family, friends, and caretakers of those with dementia!

The Kindness studio would like to invite elders to participate in this workshop, held at the Memory Hall Café, Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2DJ.

Artist: Berat Pekmezci

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