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Ada Lovelace Day

Women have been on the back burner of science and mathematics for hundreds of years. Social norms and societal stigmas have dismissed the great minds of many women and, in turn, lost out on some of the most inspirational and valuable ideas.

Although the world is seeing more women in STEM now than ever, the stigma has kept many women from pursuing their passions and sharing their research with the world. To combat this problem, the Kindness Studio is hosting an event in honor of Ada Lovelace, an inspirational figure to all women.

Ada Lovelace was a computer science pioneer during the 19th century. Lovelace is a visionary, mathematician, and early computer programmer. At the ripe age of 12, Lovelace conceptualized a flying machine after studying the anatomy of birds. The original design was of a horse with wings that could carry a passenger through the skies. Later, the notes that Lovelace created were used by Luigi Menabrea for the "Sketch of The Analytical Engine Invented by Charles Babbage."

Lovelace's mind was remarkably ahead of her time, allowing her to foresee the possibility of a multi- functional computer system. Lovelace believed computers could be used for more than math purposes, such as creating music, translating writings into digital forms, and expressing ideas outside of analytical data.

Unfortunately, Ada Lovelace was not credited for her work until after her death. She lacked credit because her ideas around computing technology were far ahead of their time. As a result, it took years for the rest of the world to catch up to her visions.

How Lovelace Continues to Inspire

Women are underrepresented in STEM fields which causes a lack of gender diversity. For example, the UK Education Hub estimates that only about 11.4% of individuals in STEM starts are female.

Ada Lovelace's story motivates young girls and women seeking a spot in science and research. Lovelace stands for innovation, creativity, and empowerment which is why the 9 Mill Bank development in Westminster chose to place a statue of Lovelace on the building.

In addition to the statue, the artists placed a puzzling backdrop representing Lovelace's ideas around the potential of a computer. This addition to the art piece entices viewers to spend more time studying the sculpture and understanding the inspiration that Ada has become.

Ada Lovelace Day

In honor of Ada Lovelace and her inspirational story, the Kindness Studio is hosting an event on October 6, 2022. The studio paired up with The Alan Turning Institute for an all-day Ada Lovelace video & art exhibition screening. The event will also include exhibits and Q&As for AI artists and award prizes to the competing artists.The event will discuss how the Westminster sculpture has elevated future women's confidence in STEM and encouraged young girls to pursue their passions in the sciences. The event will also include a network platform for individuals to share their ideas and express their creative thoughts.Join us on October 6 at the Somerset House from 2 pm- 7 pm to celebrate Ada Lovelace and all past and future women in STEM!

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