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Ada Lovelace Day

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Lancaster Room, Somerset House, London — On Monday, 13th March 2023, the Kindness Studio is hosting an event to commemorate Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace, a 19th century mathematics, and computer science pioneer is celebrated globally as a role model for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In March 2022, a statue of Ada Lovelace was unveiled by St Edward in Millbank Quarter at the City of Westminster.The studio has paired up with St Edward to celebrate Ada Lovelace day, which is being supported by the University of Warwick and The Alan Turing Institute. The event will discuss how the sculpture will elevate woman progressing in STEM.The event will feature Mary & Etienne Millner (artists of the Ada Lovelace statue), Elisabeth Rounis (neurologist) and Aidan Meller (creator of Ai-Da). The Q&A will inform the audience of the message and rationale of the Lovelace statue located in the Millbank Quarter development in Westminster.The event will supply an open network to speak on the struggles of women in the sciences. The goal of the upcoming event is to promote creativity in art and science and encourage an open discussion on widening the door to gender inclusivity in STEM. The event comes at a time when, according to the UK education hub, women account for only 11.4% of STEM starts (2019/20).The event is designed to...

  • Celebrate Ada Lovelace and discuss how the sculpture in Westminster will elevate women’s progression in STEM

  • Provide a networking platform for fellows and artists to exchange ideas

  • Promote creativity through art and breakthrough in science

  • Promote gender inclusivity within the STEM community.

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Etienne Millner

Figurative Sculptor

Etienne Millner is a figurative sculptor working from his studio in Stockwell. The majority of his commissioned work is portraits; both monumental and life size and cast in bronze. Though he works whenever possible from life, much of his work is made from drawings and photographs. These sculptures range from over life size statues in public places to figure groups, busts of politicians, writers, musicians and other public figures and private portraits.Etienne started his career as a student at Goldsmith’s College studying under Welsh sculptor Ivor Roberts Jones (Churchill in Parliament Square). Swimming against the tide in the 1970s, he chose his own direction maintaining a clear vision in his work, with the human figure as its central theme. Now, as portraits have again emerged at the forefront of contemporary art, Millner’s sculptures, expressive of their subjects with their own inner dynamic, have established him as a leading portrait sculptor, recognised with strong demand for his work.

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